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Our team comes with great experience and knowledge of the industry. We are aware of the recent trends, your preferences, and your budget. That is why we do our best to cater to your needs, offer you high-quality products, and help you buy your desired furniture within the budget you have allocated.
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Transform your area with rich and durable furniture that suits your lifestyle and your indoors’ overall design. Make your area spacious and even cozier with us!

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Your satisfaction with our products is essential; this is why we use our expertise to advise you about the furniture type and quality that we think suits your indoor and your choices the best. We also offer installation services where we deliver your orders and install them wherever you want them without damaging your space.

1. Our furniture

Our furniture is all made of genuine wood, all locally manufactured and none of them imported. This is why we feel pride in offering you high-quality products at pocket-friendly prices.

2. Our massive furniture range

Our massive furniture range also allows us to serve and cater to customers’ diversity and satisfy our residential and commercial clients with different budgets and needs.

3 . In addition

In addition, we ensure you get your orders by the earliest so you can design your indoors and enjoy the comfort of our furniture.


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Furnishing a total white home: trends and mistakes to avoid

How to design the furniture of a modern, sophisticated and elegant home thanks to total white environments

If your dream is to furnish a total white home , know that there are many strengths of this type of furniture, but there are also some things you need to know to avoid mistakes and disappointments.

White is an excellent ally to make the environment bright and elegant. At the same time it is a color that makes the space appear larger and more orderly.

The total white furniture is able to easily adapt to multiple styles, even if completely different from each other, such as classic, country, modern, minimal, articulated and shabby chic.

Pros and cons of the total white house
Having a modern total white decor can be the touch of class to make your home sophisticated, but embarking on DIY will reveal that this path is more complicated than it seems.

If, on the one hand, white furniture can create refined environments suitable for the most contemporary taste, conveying a sense of cleanliness, order and harmony, on the other hand it can be extremely flat and boring, or too cold.

Not all types of white are suitable for any home and above all not all types of white go well with each other: it takes a lot of experience and a lot of expertise to know the rules that can make total white environments elegant and harmonious.

Two examples of shades of white?
Try to think how different chalk white and “dirty” white are. Chalk white is perfect for beach houses, for a modern home, or as a cool tone in combination with other warmer colors.

Furniture Bonus 2021: spending ceiling of € 16,000 and all the news

The tax bonuses related to renovations have been extended and this also applies to the Furniture Bonus, confirmed for the whole of 2021 with some new features.

The first to report concerns the raising of the spending ceiling : set at € 10,000 in 2020, this year it was raised to € 16,000.

A tax deduction on the purchase of furniture equal to 50% of the costs incurred , up to a maximum cost of € 16,000, which may also include any transport and assembly costs.

To access the tax benefits it is necessary to carry out building requalification interventions in the same building for which the furniture is purchased.

The reimbursement of expenses will take place in the form of a tax deduction divided into ten annual installments of the same amount.

The Furniture Bonus is thus added this year to all those concessions, such as the Superbonus , which make it particularly advantageous to renovate and furnish the home during 2021.

The Revenue Agency has published a guide relating to the household appliances included in the Furniture Bonus, indicating by way of example:

• refrigerators
• freezers
• washing machines
• washer-dryers and dryers
• dishwashers
• cooking
• electric stoves • microwave ovens
• electric hot plates
• electric heaters
• electric radiators
• electric fans
• air conditioning appliances.

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