3 Tips For Setting Up The Perfect Outdoor BBQ Station 

An outdoor barbeque station is a perfect place for your intimate meals, friends, and family gatherings. Whether you want to arrange a bistro setting for you and your partner or a place to perch for your guests with pub stools and tables, outdoor barbeque stations are much in vogue and a great place for entertainment. Although, the grill stations are just gigantic pieces of stainless steel that are protruded in our terraces and backyards. So we are here with some amazing tips to setting up designer outdoor bbq stations that would outshine your home. Let’s have a look.


So before starting the kitchen renovations and building an outdoor bbq station, identify the extra space in your home where you want to create your entertainment venue.  It could be the outgrown backyard, or the exquisite terrace, the patio, or just by the side of the pool. Just make sure that your incorporated outdoor grilling station setup is aligned with the general layout of your home.

Install The Preassembled Or The Customized BBQ Station

The outdoor BBQ stations are cost-effective, simple, and preassembled. The setup comes in three types, modular, kits, and build-ins. In the first two, all you have to do is to install them and get them connected with gas and water lines. Kits have a countertop, grill, and storage, all combined in a single, long island. The modular outdoor bbq station is a mix and match and advance version of the kit version. It has a U-shaped base layout in which you can have the desired countertop, the base, and the material to choose from stone and granite. The refrigerator, cabinets, grill, warming drawers, and sink. And if you want a customized built-in setup, hire kitchen designs melbourne and add all your exquisite detailing which you might miss in the prefabricated designs.

Design & Create Your Outdoor BBQ Station Yourself

If you want a customized look for your outdoor bbq station and want to do it yourself. Start with the main structure of the grilling station and use pallets for it. Pallets are cost-effective, easily available, and the most appropriate option to build the layout. Once the recycled wood is adjusted, place a piece of granite on the top to finish the look. To add some beauty, you can place cinder blocks or brick on between the layout of the grilling station for a long-lasting and reliable look. For those who love to grill outdoors but don’t have a designated space for it, the portable barbeque station is a perfect choice. The structure maintains a sturdy construction and is easy to build.


Choose The Grill

Coming to the grill, choose the fueling that works for you, gas or charcoal, and if you want an upgraded version, go for the duel-fuel hybrid model which comes with dozens of bells and whistles. And if you want to try something new from hotdogs and hamburgers, get an electric smoker in your outdoor bbq station, and relish your food with some brisket and create adventurous sandwich toppings in your kitchen. Plus a bbq table is a must for shelving and counter space.


The outdoor bbq stations are perfect to enjoy the joyful days of summer with friends and family in nature. There are tonnes of ideas available if you want to create or upgrade your bbq game at home. Adapt the one which suits your needs, is practical, convenient, and makes grilling more fun for you.