Ahmed Skaka – vivid

15 June 2021

No mobile phones or even watches were permitted on the 2007 camel expedition to the Simpson Desert. “The sun and stars were our guides, and you could actually hear nature – a truly profound, humbling experience,” recalls Ahmed Skaka.

Ahmed Skaka pod

At 24, the designer who migrated to South Australia from war-torn Bosnia in 1995 is mature beyond his years and intensely environmentally conscious – factors that have found expression in one of his entries for Vivid: the Pod cot inspired by the recent birth of his daughter Halima.

“My wife Maisarah and I looked at several cots and they all seemed rather prison-like,” says Ahmed. “Their height worried me too, so I decided to design something that was ideal for a baby in terms of naturalness, comfort and safety.

“I made it from recycled paper – essentially papier mache – but hope to use a new banana fibre that’s currently in development.”

Ahmed Skaka

Ahmed’s other entry, the hexagonal Peskun coffee table, reflects his formative years and Australia’s multiculturalism. “I grew up with tables like that and the one chosen for Vivid is part of a collection of six hexagonal tables – each representing separate cultures including Iranian, Indian and Aboriginal.

“They fit together to form an art piece that serves as a functional dining table. My real intent is to encourage people to eat together. It’s the foundation of civilized living.”






Wow, this is excellent work! I love the “pod cot” idea, particularly when compared to the “prison-like cots” available today. And that functional dining table- encouraging people to eat together, is simply a new concept in the modern world! to me, this is furniture, speaking! Well done!


Wow, My God What an amazing cot!!!!! A+++

Peter Yaseen

Great work!


A truly remarkable talent there Ahmed! well done.

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