HOTEL + HOSPITALITY FURNISHINGS feature ‘Beauty is a joy for ever’ showcased interior design ideas in four room settings.

LIGHTSOURCE feature Bright Ideas bedazzled visitors with four very different design installations.

Australia’s next generation of ground-breaking designers were unveiled at Furnitex 2011 as part of VIVID – Vibrant Visions in Design.

Furniture that’s Uniqwa

11 August 2021

Brisbane-based Uniqwa have made an impact on the furnishing industry with their `contemporary ethnic’ designs inspired by the history of the Indian and African cultures.

Testament to Success

11 August 2021

The figures prove that Furnitex was a huge success, but success is based on more than just facts.

For those who know their history, Design Furniture’s new collection, to be unveiled at  Furnitex, will be like stepping back in time. How wonderfully evocative – just like the furniture of those austere, but hopeful years.

The Corfu, San Remo and Sorrento collections have all enjoyed the limelight at Globe West. Now, hot from its design team, comes the Boracay Collection, named in honour of the Philippines island famed for its fabulous tropical beach.

Modern by design

14 July 2021

If your house is stuck in a time warp, then it’s time for a modern makeover. Sometimes all it takes is a simple clean out, replacing your tired furniture with contemporary pieces that instantly update your home and bring you back into the twenty-first century.

Naturally Beautiful

14 July 2021

For those who enjoy natural products, but aren’t willing to compromise their dedication to a sustainable future, then bamboo is your answer.

Cushioning the impact

14 July 2021

When you’re relaxing comfortably on your lounge at home, the origins of that cushion usually isn’t on your mind. But now you can rest easy, with the new `cube’ cushion concept.