Cushioning the impact

14 July 2021

When you’re relaxing comfortably on your lounge at home, the origins of that cushion usually isn’t on your mind. But now you can rest easy, with the new `cube’ cushion concept. The whole process of the product is eco-friendly, all of the production from manufacturing to packaging and delivery to customers are done without the use of any paper boxes. So when it hits the store, the customer can just grab their choice off the shelf and go, without the need of a plastic carry bag.

Marketing Executive for the cube cushion, Kelvin Siow says the concept originated from customers comments who found when they bought cushions from the store, they were too difficult to carry.
“Most of them did not come in plastic bags that were large enough to hold the cushions,” he says. “Furthermore, scattered cushions can create storage issues and can also result in missing stocks.
“Our Cube Cushions are sold in packs of six or eight cushions because we understand that the majority of outdoor and even indoor settings are sold as either six or eight seaters. It is also very simple to carry with a convenient handle on the top, so no need for plastics bags.”

But aside from the practicality, Siow says there are many other benefits.
“It is also easy for storage due to its shape. We found that most customers leave their cushions with its setting outdoors and exposed to the sun because they do not have any storage space for their cushions,” he says.
“With the Cube cushion, we always recommend our customers to keep their cushions when not in use. This will prolong the life span of the cushions.

And an additional feature? Use the Cube cushion pack as an ottoman.

The Cube Cushion will be launched at the upcoming Furnitex from July 21-24 at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre. 

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