David Potts – vivid

22 June 2021

Stoby Pole - Alien HookupThe latest incarnation of David Potts’ Stoby Pole Coat Stand doubles as riveting surreal art. Sprouting from the figure at the pole’s base are branches that soar through colour – bright green, golden brown, then sky blue.

Some might call his ever-evolving series an obsession. The Adelaide designer who recently moved to Melbourne sees it as a tribute to a South Australian icon: the concrete and steel electric power line pole designed by engineer Cyril Stobie in 1924 in response to an acute shortage of wood in the state.

“As a kid, I’d see those poles whipping past me from the back window of my mum and dad’s car and they made an indelible impression on me,” recalls David.

His use of stencil art for the pole reflects his training in graphic design at the University of South Australia and fascination with contemporary street art. Urban architecture has also had a powerful influence on the 35-year-old designer whose desire to create three-dimensional forms has found expression in furniture and most recently, lighting.

“I’ve just made a chandelier from silver and red bike reflectors,” he reveals, “It’s easy to get them, as they’re often throw-away items in bike stores.”

Definitely not dispensable are pieces such as David Potts’ elegant glass and reclaimed jarrah Puzzled table and the superb furniture he created for the headquarters of Forestry SA in collaboration with Adelaide craft and design studio, JamFactory.


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