IMG launches new sofa range

15 April 2021

High end Scandinavian furniture brand IMG Norway is preparing to launch a new range of innovatively designed reclining sofas via its presence at Furnitex fair later this year.

IMG Australia national sales and marketing manager Jamie Thompson confirmed the company would utilise exposure at Furnitex, from 15-18 July at Melbourne Exhibition Centre, to promote the new range.

“In regards to Furnitex, we have a segmented strategy but our primary focus will be to launch reclining IMG sofas and home theatre in Australia. All designs will be built with our core Norwegian values in mind; ergonomically correct comfort, scale, a quality build and superior finish,” he said.

For the first time IMG would be offering a reclining sofa incorporating built in footstools, he added.

“Whilst this concept is not unique, we sincerely believe we have developed a
proposition that is a generation ahead of the American influenced suppliers. Our sales of this category in Europe and the USA are strong and we hope to use Furnitex as a launch pad in Australia.”

IMG’s new reclining chairs and sofas would feature a world leading mechanism and would be available with an electric option, Thompson confirmed.

IMG has also recently launched a new website to showcase its range of leading edge ergonomic and design led furniture.



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