Insato Furniture – Inspired minimalism

20 April 2021
Inspired minimalism

Shaun Chong was just 21 when he founded Insato. Nine years on, the Malaysian-born wunderkind who correctly gauged that many others shared his tastes in contemporary design, can take pride in one of Australia’s most dynamic furniture companies.

As its Japanese-sounding name suggests, Insato is all about clean, harmonious lines, a simple, yet striking palette and highly functional design. Add fine timbers and craftsmanship, and it is little wonder that Insato has become the darling of those who favour classy, Zen-like minimalism.

There is no shortage of them. Today, the company that has its headquarters in Melbourne, commands an Australia-wide following – commercial as well as home interior clients – and can boast a growing international portfolio.

“Currently, we have a major project in the Maldives and we’re exporting to New Zealand, Malaysia and the UK,” says Sydney-based general manager Michelle Hayes. “Our main point of difference is that we are leaders, not followers.”

Like Shaun Chong, she is passionate about Insato and on occasion, designs for it. “I created two of our lines, Juta and Siren, from scratch, while Casa is Shaun’s,” reveals Michelle. All three ranges have proved winners.






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