Jaime Sanchez – vivid

29 June 2021

Jaime Sanchez“Remember those little dinosaur model kits that can still be found in museums?” asks Jaime Sanchez. The Adelaide designer isn’t just into nostalgia. Inspired by the kits and his two small daughters, he has created the Dinosaur Chair for children.

It’s a great blend of the functional, safe and decorative: no fixings or glue, easy to construct and assemble – kids just push open the “bones” – and a striking showpiece.

It also marks a milestone in a personal journey. “I finally worked out what I wanted to be,” says the gifted 38-year-old who spent a decade working for Telstra as a senior business analyst and is now studying part-time for his degree in industrial design at the University of South Australia.

A natural aptitude for IT and commerce took him up the corporate ladder, but the creative urge won out. His late Spanish father was an important influence. Recalls Jaime: “He was a wood-carver – a furniture artist really Jaime Sanchez– and bits and pieces he made were around the house when I was a kid.

“Little of my father’s work remains, though it can be seen at Adelaide’s Russian Orthodox Church in Greenhill Rd, Wayville. He did the interiors.”

Problem-solving – “things you want that aren’t available” – fires his imagination, says Jaime, who is currently working on a multi-functional bookshelf-cum-table. He also plans to design more delights for children.Jaime Sanchez

“I like toys that do clever things and have that gratifying ‘Aah!’ recognition factor.”



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