Local Manufacturers are Fighting Back

12 March 2021

The big news story for this year’s Furnitex is that on the back of an FIAA (Vic/Tas) Stimulus package to members there will be over 60 Australian manufacturers exhibiting at Furnitex 2009. The last time we saw so many local manufacturers showcasing at Furnitex was back in 2002.

Whilst there’s no doubt been a contraction in the market across the board, the opportunities for Australian manufacturers are extremely positive. The value of the AUD$ has not only made locally made furniture very price competitive, buying Australian made offers retailers and consumers “peace of mind” with Australian made furniture offering both quality and extended warranties.

From a retailer perspective, they no longer need to speculate on buying container lots of furniture in the hope that they can later sell to realise potential margins, on the contrary they can now order from a range of Australian manufacturers who can not only take care of their warehousing/logistics costs but order based on what’s happening at store level. Australian manufacturers also offer retailers and consumers choices in finishes, fabrics and sizes and of course have the ability to customise if required.

View the Exhibitor List to see the Australian manufacturers exhibiting at Furnitex.



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