Naturally Beautiful

14 July 2021

For those who enjoy natural products, but aren’t willing to compromise their dedication to a sustainable future, then bamboo is your answer. The two sit side by side effortlessly. You can now enjoy wood-like furniture without a heavy conscience because bamboo not only looks appealing with natural grain, it is also a renewable resource and the most versatile raw material.

Despite its wood-like appearance, superior strength and durability, bamboo is actually a grass species. There are about 1300 different types, of which 300 develop a `woody’ pole, containing actual wood characteristics. These `woody’ bamboos are among the fastest growing plants on earth, growing to its full length in just 2-4 months and developing into a full wood structure in just 4 years. Every year new shoots will grow from the mother plant.

Generally 25% of the poles in a bamboo forest or plantation can be harvested per year without decreasing the size of the plantation or the number of poles per hectare. By harvesting the older poles, more energy (light, water) is available for the remaining forest – therewith increasing the quality of the forest.

Bambu Concept craft all their outdoor furniture and decking from the MOSO species which needs only five years to grow to adult height and be hard enough for processing. The moment of the harvest is important for the quality of the bamboo. In order to manufacture a quality product from bamboo, much attention needs to be paid to the place where the bamboo is grown and how it is harvested. Determining the origin and age of the bamboo is one of the daily tasks of the MOSO organisation in China.

This environmentally friendly aspect to the bamboo product has seen the furniture range become widely popular. According to Bambu Concept, at the present rate of deforestation, the world’s tropical rainforest will vanish in 30 years. So the need for fast-growing alternatives like bamboo is essential to the planet’s future and sustainability. When you compare the much longer rotation cycle of forest timber – around 100 years for Merbau – to the short growth of just five years with bamboo, you can begin to see the immediate benefit of using renewable and durable bamboo.

iWood Australia will showcase their popular Bambu Concept products at the upcoming Furnitex trade show from 21-24 July at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre.

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