New to Australia and Furnitex – Dust Furniture

20 May 2021

Dust Furniture is the creation of craft artist Vincent Thomas Leman of Indiana, USA. His unique, one-of-a-kind pieces have graced homes throughout the world over the years, but Dust is his first foray into the commercial world of designing reproducible versions of his work.

Known for his hand made, free flowing furniture, a key part of Vincent’s creation process has always been the integration of function into form. Vincent strives to create furniture that is functional to the degree that it may be successfully integrated into daily life, but which simultaneously provides a spark to brighten the routine and hum-drum.

Described as ‘abstract traditional furniture’ Vincent’s starting point is always a traditional piece of furniture, which is stretched, curved, stacked and stepped to fit his design intentions. The classic root of each piece helps maintain its identity as furniture and keeps the work familiar and approachable, despite their sometimes unusual shapes.

DNS Supply, distributors of innovative home wares and based in Brookvale, Sydney, have only recently signed an exclusive deal with Dust Furniture and are exceptionally pleased to be able to immediately launch these fabulous pieces in Australia, but will also be shown for the first time at Furnitex.

“Dust Furniture offers an exciting dimension to the retail offering being developed by DNS Supply” said Simon Hage, Director with DNS Supply at the recent launch. “DNS have always focused on the unique, individual, functional design of home and gift lines and Dust Furniture fits comfortably alongside our growing portfolio” he added.


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