Revolutionary table to launch in Oz

10 June 2021

New furniture industry player Ever Harvest will be showing at Furnitex for the first time next month, bringing two innovative products to the Australian market.

Ever Harvest managing director Alvin Lee said a signature product for the company was a multi-functional table made from steel and glass (pictured left).

“This table is truly remarkable, as it changes from a table to a shelf. It’s made from steel and glass, with a hydraulic element,” he said.

“We’d been looking for a product like this, and when we found a manufacturer in China that was supplying it to many markets except for Australia, we jumped at the opportunity.”

The tables would retail for upwards of $500 he said, adding that the company would use its presence at Furnitex to target retailers and interior designers.

“We’re also launching steel furniture such as coffee tables and side tables that are carved by laser. As far as I’m aware they’re the first of their kind in Australia, and due to the materials used, they have a very unique look to them.”

With apartment and small space living on the rise as property prices heated up, strong demand was anticipated for the space-saving multifunctional table, he said. “Meanwhile, with both our new products there’s also another point of difference. The global timber market is increasingly costly. We believe that stainless steel can provide an attractive and cost effective alternative.”

A newly established furniture import company with head offices in Melbourne, Ever Harvest aimed to provide reliable quality furniture to the Australasia regions, Lee said.

“We have the resources from not one but numerous furniture manufacturers from Guangzhou, China. Since our company deals with different types of furniture supplier, our customers are welcome to share their own ideas and requests on materials, styles and furniture designs.”

“Ever Harvest warrants its products to be free from defects in workmanship and structural materials with normal use and service,” he said. “We work very closely with ISO-9001 registered manufacturers in terms of designs, materials and pricing to suit our Pacific regions customers. We regularly update our product styles and materials by constantly keeping a close relationship with our suppliers.”

“Both wholesalers and retailers alike will benefit from our business due to our flexibility and resources in catering to their needs.”

Ever Harvest’s ranges, including the new multifunctional table and laser cut steel pieces, will be on show at Furnitex from 15-18 July at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre.




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G.Westfield, furniture designer

Absolutely stunning and new potential to furniture world.

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