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28 April 2021

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Victoria’s Design Festival

State of Design Festival is Victoria’s peak design event, held 15-25 July 2009.

The Festival offers both local and international conversations on design, with a focus on Victorian design. The Festival demonstrates and broadly communicates how the Victorian and Australian design profession can improve living conditions, create sustainable development opportunities, and generate new and innovative products and services; in turn, providing economic benefit for the state of Victoria.

The Festival also responds to the Victorian Government’s innovation statement (VIS) which aims to meet the challenges of international competition, an aging population and climate change to ensure a healthy, sustainable, and productive future for all Victorians, while supporting and encouraging further innovation which will drive growth across the Victorian economy.

State of Design Festival is an initiative of the Victorian State Government in Australia. Commencing in 2004, the Festival has had three editions – 2004, 2006 and 2008. Starting in 2009, the Festival is now an annual event.

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