Tim Coffey – vivid

29 June 2021

Tim Coffey Prototype Chair        Tim Coffey Prototype Chair        Tim Coffey Prototype Chair        Tim Coffey Prototype Chair

Tim Coffey calls himself a woodworker. That’s accurate, if a little misleading. True, he works with wood – mostly, salvaged timbers full of beauty and character.

But “worker” doesn’t convey the artistry and meticulous craftsmanship of the Victorian designer whose furniture is prized by many.

“I seem to be lucky in the clients I attract and find myself becoming very fold of them,” Tim notes. It’s a case of kindred spirits. Like the Yarra Valley designer, his clients are environmentally conscious, value traditional skills and love unique, beautiful furniture.

Tim CoffeyTim Coffey’s is always practical and often innovative – like the poplar and eucalyptus Prototype Chair selected for Vivid. Its flexible wand design is not just aesthetically pleasing. “The wands bend with you – great for exercising the body.”

Designs for a semi-industrial kitchen and a Steiner kindergarten are among current commissions for the one-time schoolteacher whose work can be found in private homes – indoor and outdoor furniture – and venues ranging from a swish bar to a doctor’s surgery.

“I’m just finishing a lampshade made of naturally split timber. The light glows through it in surprising ways,” says Tim. Like everything he creates, it will reflect a profound respect for nature.

“We use far too much of the world’s resources,” says the furniture-maker whose own energy needs are generated almost entirely by wind power.



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