View Furniture: Cutting edge flair

28 April 2021

ElleThe striking shapes and colours stop people in their tracks.
What stunning pieces; perfect for those who prefer their furniture at the cutting edge of 21st century design.

The founders of Melbourne’s View Furniture, Uliks and Lola Metohu, have made it their business to set the pace.

“A couple of years after we began the company, we were the first in Australia who dared to go into pink and fuchsia,” Lola says. “We check out the major fairs – Milan, Cologne – but we don’t follow trends.”

In June, View will celebrate its 10th anniversary. It has been an action-packed decade for the Albanian-born husband and wife team who decided the Australian furniture design scene could do with a new kid on the block.

Recalls Lola: “We made some prototypes, sold them and grew from there. We now sell across Australia as well to Japan and Albania, and are looking at the US market. “

With Uliks’ technical expertise and Lola’s background in fashion, they make a dynamic pair. “Uliks is the designer, I’m the rectifier,” Lola notes. “He’s amazingly creative, but at times, I need to bring him down to earth.”

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